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There are so many ways to share on Instagram Stories and while the easiest way is to share a quick photo or video selfie, there are some strategies you can implement to add your brand's voice and visuals to your stories timeline. 

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{Design Principles} CONTRAST

Contrast is a design principle that is so crucial to creating beautiful branding and web design. But contrast touches all parts of design, not just color. Put simply, contrast occurs when two elements of the design are different - like REALLY different. 

So why the hell should you care? (I get it, you've got a business to run... so let's cut to the chase!)

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There are a lot of moving parts to a business, and your brand is just one of them. Branding is about getting to the heart of what I do best, who I serve best, and how I can best represent that through my business. So how do you even begin to strategically rebrand your biz? I have laid out my process with a few tips below, so read on!

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