As the savvy business owner you are, you probably set certain goals for yourself when you started your business. Setting tangible steps to reach your goals is a foolproof way to reach tangible results.

Here's a secret: you can take those same building blocks you used to start your business and apply them to your branding.

Here's an example. Let's say your goal is to grow your Instagram following to 1000 die-hard Insta-fans. Ok, now what are the steps that will get you there?

In this example, we set a goal and created the specific steps to reach it.

Now, let's apply this to branding. What is your goal?

Keep in mind, this can still be a business goal. It doesn't have to be related to design. For example, if you're a photographer trying to book more weddings, your goal might be to attract more brides-to-be. So think about what these women may be looking for. Your goal-oriented branding steps may look like this:


  • Look through your previous work and identify which shoots relate most to weddings that you would like to build from. Do these shoots have any common aesthetics?

  • Determine the feeling you want to evoke from future brides (romantic, fun, professional, whimsical, etc).

  • Translate those adjectives into a branding style. If you choose whimsical and romantic, think about what visuals represent those words (script lettering, florals , and soft colors are a good start!).

By working through these goal-oriented steps, you will find that you're able to fine-tune your branding and vision.

The more specific you can get with this exercise, the better your branding experience will be! If you want to chat about this more, holla at me!

Ready to take your brand to the next level?

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