June Mango® Design
June Mango® Design
A boldly artistic creative studio specializing in branding and web design.

I'm Kali, a top-knot sporting introvert and the face behind June Mango.


The backstory


I was the art-nerd in grade school who voluntarily took home drawing projects as homework. I graduated with a BA in Fine Art and Art History, and then went on to get my web design certification from the Art Institute of Chicago. I left my job as an agency art director and launched June Mango in 2013.

In 2018, I had a sweet baby boy (who is now a spunky 1 year old!). It made me realize that women can balance business and babies. In fact, we can do whatever we want as long as we have a little support.

I started this design studio so that I could share my gifts with creative, strong women who are working their asses off to share their amazing gifts, too. (Ya, I see you.) I help those women say yes to their dreams with better brands & websites.

I’ve recently lent my voice to a few podcasts including The Connected Yoga Teacher, The Mama Mindset Podcast and Beyond the Moodboard. You can also find a cool little diddy about me over on HeyMama.

Want to chat more? I’d love to!