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In just 5 days

Designing + launching a professional website can be a huge undertaking if you don't know where to begin. The solution? A savvy designer, a streamlined process and a helluvalotta support. Skip the overwhelm and have your website designed and launched in just 5 days with the Go Live in 5® process. This process is a great way to round out your branding and bring the look to life online!


Go Live in 5®


Imagine having a brand new website in just 1 week! The Go Live in 5® process starts on Monday and your site is completely live by Friday. Whether you need a new site from scratch or are looking to restyle your current site, you'll walk away with a completely custom website to elevate your brand in just 5 days.

Watch the video below for more details about what the process includes.


It doesn’t have to take months. Period.

The Process + What You Get


"I am DYING over my gorgeous website!!!!! Dead. On the floor. Beyond my own very high standards and vision. Perfect placement of words and photos. I am so so grateful. You are a true artist/magic maker/miracle worker. You created a perfect and authentic match for my style and my business.

Suzanne Lee, Transformational Coach


Have a Burning Question? Check out these FAQs:


Q1. How can it only take 5 days?

Basically, I have a killer process in place. I've been designing websites for 5+ years, so I GET IT. I know your pain points, know how to help you, and knwo how to make sure this collaborative process is easy for you. If you have more specific questions regarding these details, just ask! I'm here to help.

Q2. Is this only for Squarespace?

I exclusively build and design sites on the Squarespace platform. I'm a proud Squarespace Circle member, which also means my client's get 20% off! You may be surprised with all the advanced customizations you can use to create a totally unique Squarespace site.

Q3. What will the finished project include?

On top of your brand message and design, adding on web design includes 5-10 web pages, a fully branded site layout and design with clear and thoughtful audience engagement. AKA a functional and beautiful tool to help you run your business.

Q4. Does this process include technical pages like a Privacy Policy page?

Yes! A custom 404 (aka: error) page and Privacy Policy page are included. We can also add a Terms and Conditions page, Subscribe page and any other legal or 'details' page you may need.

Q5. Will you do any SEO?

Yes! I will add a site description for Google as well as submit the site to Google to speed up the process of being featured in search results. I will also be tagging all site images with keywords to help with search results as well as adding keywords to page headings and URLs.

Q6. Will the site be responsive?

Yes! The website will look perfect on both mobile and desktop browsers as well as across different browsers (Safari, Chrome, etc).

Q7. What does an e-commerce site include?

Adding e-commerce capabilities includes shop setup + design, up to 10 individual product pages setup + design, invoice, receipts and customer email templates setup, and the checkout page design.

Q8. What does the custom email setup include?

Adding a custom email includes setting up your email in G-Suite with your custom domain name (ie: yourname@yourdomain.com). I will set up the email from start to finish so that all you have to do is log in and start emailing!

Q9. What newsletter platforms can you add?

We can add almost any email newsletter software, but some examples include ConvertKit, Emma, Leadpages and Drip.

Q10. Can I book you for a website without working together on branding?

Yes! I do have more limited spots available for web-only projects becuase I like to bring a brand to life from start to finish since this allows me to become fully immersed in your branding, messaging, marketing and everything else in between leaving you with a well-rounded business presence online and off.