How to Make Your Podcast Cover Design Stand Out and Get Clicks

In the ever-growing sea of podcasts, it’s hard to get new listeners. Imagine this: you head to iTunes ready to plug into a podcast, but not sure what you want to listen to. Maybe you type in a search for “business” or “murder-mystery” just to see what comes up. Now… which podcast is the one your eye goes to first? Which engages you enough to make you give this new podcast your attention?

Are you wondering which it is? Here are a few thoughts on how to create that moment of engagement when a potential new listener clicks on YOUR podcast cover verses someone else’s.

Start with the basics

  • Use JPEG or PNG file format (no PDFs or GIFs)

  • Use RGB colors (no CYMK or Pantones)

  • Minimum size should be 1400 x 1400 pixels

  • Do not use any official Apple’s imagery (not even a photo of iPhone)

  • Make sure art clear and text is readable even at thumbnail sizes

Keep the design simple

If you’re looking through all of the podcasts, it can be overwhelming for your eye. Your likely to find yourself intuitively stopping on a podcast cover design that’s simple, without lots of text or graphics. That’s because your eye is searching for a place to rest as it washes over a sea of content. It’s overwhelming! So keep your layout simple with a simple 1-color background, 1-2 fonts, and maybe 1-2 easy-to-see graphics.

Share what it’s about

Obvious, but you should have your podcast title on there. If you’re title is long or has a subtitle, just include the main info. You can also share what your podcast is about by adding a simple graphic or photo that showcases your theme. You definitely don’t have to do this, and an alternative is to choose a font that represents the tone of your show. Fun and funky? Use a a unique, playful font. All about wedding planning? Maybe a script or whimsical handwritten font. But be careful here - your font choice should be readable (especially at small sizes) and shouldn’t be too gimmicky or distracting.

Choose imagery thoughtfully

Don’t use images of a microphone or headphones to represent podcasting… we already know it’s a podcast! In the same vein, avoid generic imagery that doesn’t describe what makes your podcast different. For example, a podcast for yoga studio owners would be better served by an image that showcases your unique thoughts than a generic yogi meditating or lotus flower.

Layout + Color

Since you are trying to keep the podcast cover design fairly simple, color can be tricky. Try to choose one main color to work with, maybe for use as the background. Then use 1-2 more colors as accents. When it comes to layout, get creative here! Maybe your title creates a unique shape or has a unique text-treatment like an outline. By breaking the rules of a typical layout a little, you create visual interest without adding any clutter.


The most important tip I can share to help make your podcast cover design stand out is to stay true to your brand. You already have something unique to share, and your branding should reflect that. Being consistent with your branding includes your podcast cover design. It should make your branding colors, website and all other collateral so that your audience recognizes your brand no matter where they’re engaging with you!


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