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There are so many ways to share on Instagram Stories and while the easiest way is to share a quick photo or video selfie, there are some strategies you can implement to add your brand's voice and visuals to your stories timeline. 

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Squarespace SEO: The Basics

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for getting your business at the top of searches and in front of potential clients, customers and more. There are a few basic practices that you can implement starting today to get you start. Most of these steps are pretty straight forward, but we are going to break down why and how you should have these completed on your website.

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When I talk to other creative biz owners, the most common complaint they have at any given time is about their out-of-control inbox. "Who has the time?" they say, or "It's just too overwhelming." And inbox zero? "Impossible!" There are a few major problems with having an inbox that is overflowing...

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{Design Principles} CONTRAST

Contrast is a design principle that is so crucial to creating beautiful branding and web design. But contrast touches all parts of design, not just color. Put simply, contrast occurs when two elements of the design are different - like REALLY different. 

So why the hell should you care? (I get it, you've got a business to run... so let's cut to the chase!)

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Since Instagram is such a great place to connect and share socially, I love sharing recent Go Live in 5 projects on there! The problem I always have with sharing websites is that it's hard to get a sense of an interactive site in a static square image. So I created a scroll effect and shared it as a video. This give a MUCH better sense of the site when you actually view it online.

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2 Easy Newsletter Customizations for Squarespace

More customizations for all you Squarespace lovers today! This one changes the standard newsletter block. I find that this can be a dead giveaway that your site is built on Squarespace, so why not jazz it up? These two handy code snippets will allow you to customize your submit buttons as well as the form fields. As always, it's super easy - just copy and paste!

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