Ways to Conquer + Avoid Burnout

Burnout isn't just reserved for CEOs of giant companies or supermoms trying to "do it all." Burnout can creep up on you over the course of months or even years and exhaust you to your core rendering you unable to continue doing the work you once loved. 

Think you may be on the road to burnout? Take this quick little quiz to find out:

  1. Have you become irritable or impatient with clients?

  2. Are you feeling exhausted most of the time or feel unable to be productive?

  3. Have you lost the satisfaction you once had from your work or creative projects?

  4. Are you experiencing a shift in your physical well being (ie: increased headaches, back pains, etc)?

  5. Do you feel stressed on Sunday nights thinking about the week ahead?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may want to take a step back. Below are a few ways to conquer burnout and even help you avoid it altogether!



1. Take a deep breath - Meditation might be your answer to tackle your sizzling burnout. Apps like Headspace or Calm walk you through meditation exercises to help recenter you. Even just 10 minutes a day can be so helpful!

2. Talk to a loved one (or an expert) - Catching up with a close friend can help with those stressful schedules. Talk about something other than work to help get your mind off of it. If things start to creep into a whole other level of stress and anxiety, it might be a good idea to find a counselor.

3. Shut it down - Time to turn off the technology and go analog. Shut down the desktop and turn off the tablet. An electronic free afternoon might be the perfect cure. Still need to get stuff done for work? Try the pen and paper route instead for a bit. Also try to set screen hours. Say 7:30pm is the cut off time to turn off the TV and phone and read or play a game (or meditate!).



  1. Learn to say no - Easier said than done, right? I'm a perpetual people-pleaser, so I get it. Learning to say no can help you big time with future burnout. Think of the more meaningful things you can say yes to when you say no to more tedious things. 

  2. Save some white space in your schedule - Overcrowding your schedule is the perfect storm. Keeping time slots clear in your planner help with avoiding the dreaded burnout! Create a standing meeting with yourself weekly (or even daily) to catch up on that favorite show or read a few chapters of a book.

  3. Give yourself rest - The best way to avoid burnout is getting plenty of rest. Stop binging the latest Netflix original and go to sleep early! Take the weekend off. Plan a vacay and DON'T CHECK EMAIL! Actually allow yourself to rest and reset.

Even just being aware of burnout can help. Balance matters and you deserve it!


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