Since Instagram is such a great place to connect and share socially, I love sharing pieces of my clients' logo process, color palettes I'm creating, and sneak peaks at websites I'm building. There are so many ways to share on Instagram Stories and while the easiest way is to share a quick photo or video selfie, there are some strategies you can implement to add your brand's voice and visuals to your stories timeline. 

01. Share what's inspiring you

I love this one because it's so simple, but it's unique and fun. Sharing a little collage or even just one photo of someone you've been following is a great way to share your aesthetic AND connect with your fellow 'grammers. Make sure to tag your story with the handle of the person's photo(s) that you're sharing so that they can engage with you and your followers can also engage with them.


02. Share what you're working on

If you normally share the finished product, try sharing some of the pieces that make up the process in your Instagram Stories. For me, this often looks like the logos that I create that don't get the final go ahead from my client. It's fun to share these designs that otherwise would never be seen! Plus, this gives future dream clients an idea of what it actually looks like to work with you.


03. Promos + marketing

Instagram Stories is a great place to promo something you want to make sure people see! Especially since the stories show up at the top of your audience's news feed, you are more likely to get seen and skip worrying about the newest Instagram algorithm. And there are lots of unique ways you can share and promote without feeling spammy. Take a look at the examples below for inspiration.


04. Share your blog posts

This might be my favorite thing to share on Instagram Stories because you already have the content! All you have to do is jazz it up for Instagram. By creating a few images for each major point of your post, you can share your content and make sure it's getting seen even if someone never visits your blog!

Not too hard, right? Have another idea for injecting your brand into your Instagram Stories? Let me know!

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