Creating a Style Guide for Your Website

Keeping a consistent brand is key for creating a professional, clean look for your business. However, it can be a little difficult to keep everything uniform if you don’t have a go-to spot for all of your brand elements. Creating a style guide can be the perfect solution for your website!

So what is a style guide? Great question. A style guide combines every visual element of your brand in one nifty document. Consider it your cheat-sheet for your branding. You can easily find color codes, fonts and more thanks to your handy website style guide.

A website style guide can also serve as a “test run” for an updated branding refresh. You can review your design before doing a complete overhaul of your website, collateral materials, etc.


Here is a main checklist of what to include in your style guide:

  • main logo

  • images/inspiration

  • colors + color codes

  • fonts

  • other visual elements such as form buttons

Other things you could include in your style guide:

  • social icons

  • email newsletter layouts

  • instructions on how to use your visual elements such as spacing rules

  • blog post formatting

  • client proposal layouts

  • whatever you like!

Tools like Photoshop or Illustrator are great for creating your style guide, but even if you don't have fancy design programs, Canva is a great resource too!

Do you have a brand style guide? How has it helped your business? Let me know how it has been a game changer for you!

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