4 Ways to Use the Squarespace Pop-up Form (besides your newsletter)

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Pop-up forms are a great way to engage your website visitors in a fresh way. This attention-grabbing feature can be customized far beyond the typical newsletter sign-ups. Use these ideas to figure out the best option for your business!

  1. Connect on social - Direct your website visitors to your social media channels where they can get to know you and your work even better! Get connected with them. Plus, make some new friends!

  2. Terms, policies, consent, cookies - With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) affecting businesses like yours and mine, ensuring you have your bases covered is a must. Integrating your pop-up to feature stuff such as your terms, policies, consent, cookies, etc. is a good idea. Make sure you do your research to determine which items are needed for your website!

  3. Promote an event or launch - Do you have an upcoming calendar item? Share date details and how visitors can learn more through your pop-up. Lead them to a landing page with all of the information or get them signed up for a specific email to get what they need.

  4. Feature a blog post - You’ve worked hard on your content, make sure people read it! Get more eyes to get on your tips and tricks with this type of “alert.” This will also engage visitors to keep exploring throughout your website.

So which pop-up to try first? Incorporate a rotation of all four to beta test which type works best for you.


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