{Design Principles} CONTRAST

Contrast is a design principle that is so crucial to creating beautiful branding and web design. When you think of contrast, you may think of color - or maybe black and white photography. The higher the contrast, the darker the blacks appear and the lighter the whites appear with little grey in between. 

But contrast touches all parts of design, not just color. Put simply, contrast occurs when two elements of the design are different - like REALLY different. 

So why the hell should you care? (I get it, you've got a business to run... so let's cut to the chase!)

01. CONTRAST GRABS ATTENTION. Attention gets your audience engaged. An engaged audience clicks through your website, and eventually, they get in touch with you. 

02. CONTRAST CREATES ORGANIZATION. It helps your audience flow seamlessly through your About bio, your Services page and your whole site in general!

03. CONTRAST DEFINES THE FOCAL POINT. Think buttons ("Contact Me!"), header text (your mission statement) and photos. Secretly guiding your audience towards what you want them to see or do is this simple little thing called... yup - contrast!  😉


Below is a breakdown of how to create contrast:



  • front/behind

  • above/below

  • centered/off-centered

  • isolated grouped

  • in/out

  • right/left


  • simple/complex

  • whole/broken

  • symmetry/asymmetry

  • geometric/organic

  • hard angles/round


  • vertical/horizontal

  • stability/movement

  • forward/back

  • clockwise/counter

  • convex/concave

  • serif text/sans serif text/script text

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