Mama Feature ▴ Katie Wussow

Katie Wussow is a mama to two sweet little girls - ages 5 and 7! She runs a successful consulting business that focuses on providing creative women with the tools and mindset they need to grow their business in a meaningful way. Katie has a great perspective on combining motherhood with entrepreneurship - she believes that each season will bring new things. It is okay to adapt and change as life goes on! Read more about Katie in our Mama Feature below!

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Mama Feature ▴ Kim WEnsel

I am so excited to introduce a brand new blog series to my website - Mama Feature. This section of my blog content is focused on sharing the stories and life advice from fellow mama biz owners. For this first feature, we are chatting with Kim Winsel. Kim is the CEO of Pattern of Purpose. Her business focuses on brand strategy, copywriting and customer research for other entrepreneurs. Not only does Kim kick ass at work, she is a mama to two little ones. Read more about her story below!

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There are so many ways to share on Instagram Stories and while the easiest way is to share a quick photo or video selfie, there are some strategies you can implement to add your brand's voice and visuals to your stories timeline. 

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Transitioning Back to Work After a Career Break

You’ve taken some time to focus on things over than your biz for a bit. You may have wrapped up a maternity leave (like me!) or had an extended vacation. While breaks can be a fantastic thing, the transition back to your desk chair can be a little difficult if you don’t prepare for that transition.

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BusinessKali Edwards

When I talk to other creative biz owners, the most common complaint they have at any given time is about their out-of-control inbox. "Who has the time?" they say, or "It's just too overwhelming." And inbox zero? "Impossible!" There are a few major problems with having an inbox that is overflowing...

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{Design Principles} CONTRAST

Contrast is a design principle that is so crucial to creating beautiful branding and web design. But contrast touches all parts of design, not just color. Put simply, contrast occurs when two elements of the design are different - like REALLY different. 

So why the hell should you care? (I get it, you've got a business to run... so let's cut to the chase!)

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