Using Instant Downloads as an Email Opt-In on Squarespace (+ tutorial)

So you've got your email newsletter software set up and ready to go, but you are missing one crucial tidbit - subscribers! One way to get some sign ups is through a free opt-in on your website. And one way to do this is to make it an instant download straight from your website.

A benefit of an instant download is that you don't have to worry about software automation with your email subscription service. In laymen's terms, this means you don't have to set anything up in MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc. This is handled straight away through your Squarespace site.

Your instant download can be whatever you like from checklists to stock images, you get to create what is available. Keep in mind, this instant download should give potential customers/clients an awesome resource or provide a solution to an issue they might be facing. That way, they will be more willing to turn over their email address and get to the goods. 

To learn more about setting up your own instant download on Squarespace, check out the tutorial below:


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