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The point of a website is to communicate. There are words and stories that we need to share! Through the 'Writing to Attract Dream Customers' webinar with Jessica Willingham, we cover topics that you need to keep in mind with your copy. 

Want to watch the full webinar replay? Click here for access to the full video! Here's a little preview of the topics we covered below: 

Forget the Rules

Everyone can write. As humans, we understand how to tell stories. It is in us! With a little bit of craft, you can write your own copy. Get rid of the idea that you can not write - you totally can! Include terms that you normally use in your everyday conversations. How do you address people? What are some things that you say when you are excited? Consider these types of ideas when composing your copy. 

Write conversationally, but keep in mind that your writing needs to mimic the rhythm of your natural speech. Try reading your drafted copy aloud and see if it falls in line with your speech. Language molds to the way that we want to express ourselves. We don't have to mold ourselves to fit the grammatical language. It's your tool to play with! Using direct language is also a great way to connect and speak to your customers. Write to real people. 

Be Positive

Touch on your reader's pain points in your copy, but don't throw it all at them on page one. Focus on the positive outcomes that your customer could experience through working with you, not the problems that they are currently facing. 

As you compose the copy for your website, each page needs to have momentum that drives the reader to continue to navigate throughout your site, such as an opt in. Give a 'what's next' step. Also, make sure to keep your copy in the present tense. Past tense does not provide a connection to the reader like present tense does. 


These are just a few of the topics we shared in the webinar. To check them all out, click here. Make sure to grab a pen and paper for this one, there's a ton jam-packed in there. 

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