5 Ways to Take Advantage of a Slow Summer

You've survived the busy season and Summer is finally here! But what often comes with Summer is that slow period in your biz. Even with less work on your plate, you can still be proactive in preparing for a packed schedule starting in a few months.

1. Creating content - Now is the time to get that content created and scheduled weeks in advance. You can brainstorm newsletter topics and start drafting content. Get a photoshoot on the calendar or pick up some props for a day of shooting photos in the office for your Instagram. No more stressing about getting that newsletter out on time, you can prepare ahead of time!  

2. Networking - Meet up with that digital friend in person! Grab lunch or get "virtual coffee" with that connection you have been too busy to talk to. Another idea is to attend a creative conference. That's the perfect place to network with others. 

3. Planning a launch or new service - Whether it's a launch or revealing a new service, setting these things up can take a lot of time and organization. Your slow season is the perfect time to get this done. 

4. Complete a course - That course you bought three months ago? You still haven't even touched it, have you? Start that baby up and complete it. Time to get your money's worth out of that investment. 

5. Set new goals - Your busy season could have sparked some new goals or altered existing ones. Now that you have the time, make note of your goals and put them in a place that you will see them consistently, like your office. What can you cross off during the summer that can make these goals happen? 

BONUS - Just enjoy the break! Work will always pick back up (even when you think it won't, promise!) so enjoy those naps while you can. Set up poolside and read that fiction novel that's been on your bedside table for months. Get together with friends for a beach weekend. Whatever refuels you, do it! 


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