Sometimes the idea of building a brand new website can be a little scary. There are probably a few reasons for this. You may be afraid the process will take too long or that it's too expensive. You think of updating your website as a 'backburner' item that you will get to eventually. 

Building your website doesn't have to be this big scary monster of a task. Here are three solutions to those three main fears.

It doesn't have to take months. It can take days. Really. 

When I worked as an agency designer, we had a process of building websites that caused the projects to take months. There was even one project that I started when I was hired and was still ongoing when I left. This is sooo unnecessary. The reason some web project take so long is the process. But with a process that allows me to collaborate with my clients, the project time is drastically reduced. By helping hone in on what we will need BEFORE we dive into the design process, the whole project can take just a few short weeks (or even days!)

It's NOT too expensive. 

This can be true, but it really depends on what you want in a website. If you would like to see unicorns fly across the screen as the user scrolls, well, sure, that is a bit fancier and will cost a bit more money to custom code those details. But if you are looking for a website that reflects your personal brand and is cleanly coded and responsive, it's completely within reason to create this on a budget.

It's affects your bottom line.

Is your business a priority? Then your website should be, too. If you look at your website as your online business card, is it saying everything you need it to say? If not, creating your better online business presence should really be a priority, too. 

Your website is your hardest working employee. It should tell people who you are, what you do, and how to buy you - when you aren't there to do that in person. Does yours?

Creating and updating your website doesn't have to be so scary. You may just need to rethink the type of web design project that's right for you. There are so many options and resources out on the internet that you can use to help you keep growing your biz online and off. :)


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