Do This 15 Minute Website Audit

I'm the queen of fast and effective over here at June Mango. Heck, I build websites in 5 days or less doncha know. I know we all have businesses to run and kids to parent and shit. to. do. 

So I have a little web audit that you can do right now (ya, this second!) and it will only take you 15 minutes. So lez go:

Check for broken links. Using this handy tool, you can find any broken links that might be lurking listed all in once place. Then all you have to do is head to the page where they're "linked from" (it shows you this) and fix 'em!

Double check that your images have been tagged. In Squarespace, you have the option of entering a custom Filename in the image editor. Add a name that included a key search phrase for that page (ie: web-design-in-5-days.jpg). Rinse and repeat for any images missing tags. 

Update your footer and legal pages. Have you done this lately? Make sure the copyright in your footer is for the current year. Give your legal pages (ie: privacy policy, etc) a quick read through to make sure you haven't missed new service offerings and update that date, too. Psssst... don't have a Privacy Policy? It's illegal not to, so add one! 

Run through your About page. Do you have a current headshot up there? Are you smiling in it? How about your copy - is it more than 4 paragraphs? If so, cut it in half. People don't want to read your life's history - only what's relevant to your biz. Make sure your sharing why your an expert and what it's like to work with you. Add the cutesy info to the very bottom and keep it short (ie: We all love dogs, but we don't need to know more than that you have one and what it's name is). 

Submit your site to Google. Added pages, blog posts or other new content in the last couple months? Google may not know that! Tell Google to go crawl your pages and find all your juicy new content by entering your site

So... did it take more than 15 minutes? Fast and effective... hell ya!

Want a pro web audit to get even more help? I’m here to help.


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