It's the gif that keeps on giving!! #hilarious

But actually, that's kind of what a gif is. It's simply an animated photo / graphic made by placing several layers together that play in a loop. And it's a fantastic tool for your website. Here's why:

  • This animation grabs the users attention. The changing visuals catch the eye and cause the user to take notice.

  • Your message or image stands out. This make a gif a great option for a featured item in an e-commerce site. Kate Spade has some great examples of this.

  • You can use it to direct the user to a particular page. Since the image is eye catching, use it as a button or link it to a place you want your audience to go, like your Contact or Services page.

  • They get a lot of love. Gifs are more likely to be shared on social media platforms and garner more user engagement.

  • These animated visuals are processed faster in your brain! That means that your message is received sooner and is likely clearer. It's science, yo.

  • You can showcase different styles for different tastes. This is another great use for an e-commerce site that may sell an item in various colors, for example.

  • • They're fun. This is maybe the best reason. Because, hey, why not?

PRO TIP: You can use these little guys in your email marketing, too! It's another great way to pack a lot into a small space.


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