Squarespace SEO: The Basics

Search Engine Optimization is crucial for getting your business at the top of searches and in front of potential clients, customers and more. There are a few basic practices that you can implement starting today to get you started. Most of these steps are pretty straight forward, but we are going to break down why and how you should have these completed on your website.

1. Make Your Page Titles SEO Friendly

Don’t have generic page names. Incorporate keywords and phrases that can increase your visibility online! For example, instead of just using ‘About’ for a page title, try ‘About the Designer.’

2. Fill Out Your Business Information

You may have created your website in a rush to just get something up or focused so much on the design elements, you might have neglected this important must-have. Add to your Business Information setting to help with local search ability and increase the use of keywords. Access this through your Squarespace settings menu and select Business Information.

3. Refine Your File Naming System

No more ‘screenshot124.png’ for file names! Optimize files with specific keywords and relevant tags. If you are adding a photo to your web design portfolio make sure it has a strong file name. Something like ‘Web-Design-Creative-Portfolio’ will do great.


4. Spread the Local Love

If you are a local business or storefront, you MUST include your local town or city name throughout your website. You want to have SEO keywords that target your specific geographic area, especially if this a key factor for your business.

5. Get Descriptive

For every product and page that you have on your Squarespace site, double check to make sure that you include rich descriptions to increase your SEO. Product descriptions are available to be written through your shop menu. See an example of one of my product descriptions below! To update your page descriptions, select the gear icon next to your page name in your Squarespace pages menu. There will be a section towards the bottom to update that information!

These are just a few to get you started! Another quick tip before you begin is to develop a list of your business keywords and phrases to reference through each step to help you with the writing process.

Have any questions? Let me know!


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