6 must-haves before you redesign your website


Getting ready to start a new web design project? Make sure you have these pre-design details to help you prepare for a successful web launch!


01. PNG logo files

PNG files ("image.png") are most compatible with screen viewing. JPEG files often have a different color format which can make the colors appear lighter on screen. 


02. Photos

Have your headshots ready to roll so they can be easily accessed and uploaded. They should be high-res enough for the web, meaning at least 2000px wide, but not too high-res. Limit your photos to 20 MB or below.

03. Sitemap

A sitemaps is really just a fancy web-word for your list of pages. Knowing what pages you need on your site helps you divide your content appropriately.

04. Text for each page

So important and the item that always the hardest to finalize, text or 'copy' as it's sometimes called, will help you or your designer lay out the design of each page. Having your text before you begin also let's you think through how you'll guide your audience through the site. 

05. Contact Info

How do you want potential clients to get in touch with you? Having a form or scheduling system on your site along with your email address let's your audience know exactly what you want them to do.

06. Technical Details

Make sure you have purchased your domain name and have the login info ready. Ditto for newsletter software (MailChimp, ConvertKit, etc) and social media accounts. Having this all in one place saves time when it comes time to connect them to the site!

By doing just a little bit of website homework, you'll be ready to hit the ground running when your project starts!


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Kali Edwards