I've recently discovered a new SquareSpace hack and it has me super excited! I've always wanted a way to create multiple links on one image, and now I've figured out a way. And the best part is that it's super easy - no custom code needed! I've outlined the steps below so that you can get in on this SquareSpace hack, too because I like you.

Step 1:  Start with the full image of what you would like the final image to look like on the site. We will break the image up into sections in the next step.


Step 2:  Separate the image into sections (You can crop the original image, or if you're using Illustrator, I just create new artboards on top of the full image - one artboard for each section). Each section should be associated with one link. For example, mine will be broken into 4 sections linking to Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and my website.

Step 3:  Insert a content block and select the Carousel gallery.

Step 4:  Upload your sectioned-off images into the Carousel gallery block.

Step 5:  After each image is uploaded, hover your mouse over the first image and click the gear icon.

Step 6:  Add the website, page or file you would like to link the first section to and click save. Repeat for each additional section.

Step 7:  Now that everything is linked, it's time to make sure the sections look like one cohesive image. You can adjust the Carousel block up or down until the sections are all showing up (not cropped) and everything looks good.

Step 7:  Click save and that's it!

This little trick opens up so many possibilities from a design + layout standpoint. Another way that I use it is to add two images right next to each other without any space (like this). Or you could create a really cool collage with images/products that all link to each individual service or product page. Oh man, I could go on and on!!

Did you find this helpful or use this on your own site? Let me know in the comments, I'd love to see. Have questions or just want to chat? Holla at me. 




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