So you've seen a lot of lovely little logos on Pinterest and are ready to brand your biz! Heck ya, let's do it! But let's make sure we do it right.


A brand is a lot more than the fonts, colors, and design elements that make up the visual brand identity. Branding ultimately is the identity of the business if you were to whittle it down to it's core.   Click to Tweet!

So, how do you start to carve that baby down?

Let's start by thinking about what you want to be known for? This could be a service offering or product. It could also be the way you work with you clients. what makes you the best florist in Northern Michigan, for example? What do your clients value about working with you?

Once you have that nailed down, it's time to narrow in on what you have. Look through your answers to the above questions and ask yourself what's essential and what's just bonus material. This may not be the easiest exercise, but consider what feels like it could really elicit the most powerful brand or what the client would tell someone else about you.

Now, try to narrow it down even further. See if you can get this down to just three words. And try to make them pop a little - you want to stand out right. For example, I may be creative, multifarious and efficient but does that make you really excited to take on a design project with me? Probably not. But if I'm a designer with kick-ass, colorful, clean designs, perhaps that gives you a better sense of what you'll get when we work together.

Make it easy for people to buy from you, not that other guy. Think about what you want your brand to be at the core, and then jazz it up a bit to differentiate yourself. Once you do this, you are ready for a kick-ass, colorful, clean logo design.



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