A 404 page is the often overlooked little page that exists on every website to help a user who's lost their way. You've surely ended up on a 404 page at some point over your years of surfing the web. It's main purpose two-fold:

  1. It should first tell you that the page your looking for doesn't exist. This could be because it's been deleted or moved, or maybe you typed it wrong by accident.

  2. The second purpose should be to direct you to something else. You were trying to get somewhere in the first place, so the 404 says, "Here, let me help you find your way back home." And usually, the homepage is the only place you have the option to go.

But what if your soon-to-be favorite client ends up on your 404 page? Wouldn't you like them to stick around, maybe even learn a bit about your services, or even end up contacting / buying from you??

The answer is yes. Of course!



So how can you out your 404 page to work for you?

Here are a few options you can include on your 404 page to keep your website open and in front of the eyes of your soon-to-be favorite client (and everyone else!):

  • Add a link to your most popular article(s)

  • Add a link to your About page

  • Add a link to your Services page

  • Add a link to your social media account(s)

  • Add a sign-up form for your newsletter

  • Add a link to your blog

Do you see where I'm going with this? Add a call-to-action that gets them interested and locked into another part of your website. Adding in a bit of fun text is a great way to ensure that they'll click.

This is a super simple trick that you should definitely consider adding to your own website. I promise, it's worth it!

Need help customizing your 404 page, want to know more or just want to chat? Holla at me!


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