I work with all sorts of people who do amazing, creative things. Bakery owners, skin care product developers and fashion bloggers to name a few. There are a lot of reasons I choose to do design for people like this. One of the biggest reasons I love to work with these groups of creatives is their passion.

You can learn a recipe for a perfect cake or what's hot for Spring, but passion is something you just have. It bubbles up inside you the minute you wake up and doesn't settle until your head hits the pillow at night. You can't teach that. Adeo Ressi, a serial entrepreneur, says, "...real passion and conviction, there's no test to measure that, except the test of hard knocks. When you get punched in the face ten times and get up and keep going."

That's your passion.

I feel so lucky to get to narrow in on that passion, and translate it into design. That's kind of a good one-sentence summation of what I strive to do through branding and web design: bring your passion and drive for your business to life through design. ( To see the fashion blogger + skincare brands, click here )

My client's passions are also usually ones I can get behind. They're doing things I also really enjoy and spark my interest, and that ignites my creativity. While some may be really passionate about the newest i-gadget, that's not really my thang. But the newest craft brew on the market? I'm down!

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You have be 100% behind their business to be able to create exactly what will fit their brand best. If you feel lukewarm about their passion, it will likely show in your work. But if you wake up wide-eyed and excited to crank out your best work, then you know you've likely found your dream client.

Thank you may be my dream client? Holla at me!


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