1 - You can't even update it If you have to call your web developer for every little text change, you should rethink your website set up. There is LITERALLY no reason for you to have any trouble updating your own site on a basic level. With amazing platforms like Squarespace and Wordpress, you can do so much yourself without the need to be a web guru. It's so important to keep your content relevant, and redesigning your website on a new platform can really help you keep it current without breaking the bank or your site.

2 - It's not clear what you do Ask a friend to take a stroll through your website and see if they can tell you exactly what services you offer and how to buy you. This should be completely clear and easy, so if they can't you may need to rework the layout, design or call-to-actions to make sure your dream customers aren't confused, too.

3 - Your content is below the fold Perhaps you've never even heard of a "fold" referring to web design. This is simply the part of the website you see before you need to scroll. It varies depending on how big your web browser is, but it where you most important content should be, especially on the homepage. For example, if I landed on your website's homepage, would I be able to know what and how to buy your product of services? If not, you probably need to rethink your layout to push this important info above the fold. 

4 - You've outgrown your website As a web designer, I am obviously able to change my website whenever I please. And this is part of the reason I have redesigned my website 3 times in less than two years. But the bigger reason is because I was swiftly outgrowing my first two sites. They didn't represent my growing brand and business anymore, not to mention that they didn't include some important web design updates (see #5 below!). But just because you're not a web designer doesn't mean you can't (or shouldn't) update your website more frequently than every couple of years. If it is out of date or no longer makes sense for your growing brand, it may be time to rework it. 

5 - Your website isn't responsive This is sooooooo important. Did you count the o's in there? That's how important it is! Your website is your online business card - I say it all the time. So that means it's representing you and your business when you aren't there to do it in person. If you website is hard to read or wonky on a mobile phone or tablet, that's your dream client's impression of your business, too. On top of this, Google has now started docking points in it's search rankings for sites that are not mobile-friendly.

If any of these reasons resonated with you, I would l-o-v-e to chat with you. I am happy to walk you through the process from start to finish, look over your current website, or give you pointers on SEO. Whatever you need, I gotcher back.

Because you deserve a killer website to match your badass brand and business. 


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