Squarespace Tutorial Bundle

Squarespace Tutorial Bundle

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A bundle of tutorials for your Squarespace site.

This guide will help you optimize your Squarespace site to make sure your dream customers take notice! The bundle includes 12 of the most-requested Squarespace tutorials.

  1. Add Multiple Links to One Image

  2. Adding a Custom Font

  3. Add Rotating Testimonials without Code

  4. Customize "Read More" Blog Post Link

  5. Adding Gradient Color Backgrounds

  6. Customize the Blog "Post Comment" Button

  7. Custom Styling Buttons with CSS

  8. Blur Image Rollover / Hover Filters

  9. Greyscale Image Rollover / Hover Filters

  10. Opacity Image Rollover / Hover Filters

  11. Linking your Email and Phone Number

  12. Create a Custom Archives for Your Blog

These tutorials are formatted as helpful videos with actionable steps explained in details that are easy to understand and implement on your own.

What's included:

  • Videos explained by your personal Squarespace guru

  • Copy-and-paste code snippets

  • Common terms explained


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