Another week, another gorgy website completed in just 5 days. This one for the sweetest photographer, Kate Jones, owner of

I love this website for a few reasons:

  1. The design fits her brand so well.
  2. It’s going to add value to her business and increase her sales since now she looks like the badass photographer that she is.
  3. It wasn’t a headache for her, and after a week of collaboration, her shiny new website is already promoting how fabulous she is!

Kate had this fear of redesigning her website, which seems to be an unfortunate trend with creative entrepreneurs. She just didn’t have the time or the energy to dive into a long-haul web project. Once I told her about the Go Live in 5 process and explained that we could get her a gorgy new website in 5 days, she was on board.

We started the process by talking through a few key details:

  • her branding guidelines
  • her website’s audience
  • her key call-to-actions
  • what she wanted to walk away with at the end of the week

Once I was armed with this info and her web content, including her beautiful wedding photography, I was ready to dive in. We started the process on a Monday and finished with final tweaks on Friday. Since Kate switched from WordPress to SquareSpace, we jumped on the phone for a quick 30 minute tutorial, and then she was LIVE.



To see more of the website or Kate’s photography, head on over to pearlykate.com. To chat with me about the Go Live in 5 process or see if it’s a good fit for your brand, holla at me!