Devan Danielle - Branding + Go Live in 5™ Web Design


I loved every minute of this design process. Devan Danielle is a brand coach for girl bosses and was launching a cool community as well as some new coaching classes. Devan created her own brand direction, and then just let me run with it, which was amazing! I think all of the #bosslady collaboration really brought this brand to life (isn't her photography amazing??). 

Devan's main brand direction was "light, airy and feminine", which is exactly the feeling I get when I look at her branding and website. I created design elements that almost feel like their floating along with a color palette that is fresh and delicate. 

We also completed the Go Live in 5 process for her web design and rocked out both the branding and web design in less than a month. BOOM. 


See the website at and holla at me if you want to make some design magic! 

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