On any given day, I spend about 75% of it worrying. That's 18 hours of everyday and 45 minutes of every hour.

I'm a natural worrier. I can't even think of a time when I wasn't worried about at least five things. Usually, it's more like 15-20. I once did an exercise where I wrote down every single thing I was worried about in that moment. I wrote down 30+ things. Everything from money concerns to health to random catastrophes that are highly unlikely. Ya. Crazy stuff like that.

I also worry about what people will think. When I publish this blog post, will people hate it? Will they even see it? When I go meet a new person for coffee, will I accidentally choke on my croissant or bore them to death with my design nerdiness? When I send this proposal, will they laugh in my face via email and tell me I'm a hack who should just go hide under a rock?

But, and this is the MOST important part. I don't let any of these thoughts stop me. Do I want to sometimes? HELL YA! But I refuse. I recognize the worry, and then I just keep going. This is not easy, but it's so worth it.

It's ok to be afraid, but do NOT let it stop you. Be terrified, but let NOTHING stop you.


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